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Nov 2, 2019

Download the Level Three list of skills and activities to use as a checklist and reminder.

Social interaction is the foundation for human communication. Your child is learning to enjoy interaction and all the different reasons we have for communicating. We must always teach speech and language skills in the context of social interaction.

Mutual attention means that two people are noticing what the other person is doing and is responding to that. It may or may not include direct eye contact.

At Level Three your child learns to actively indicate to you that they want to continue with a social interaction. They watch your face closely when you are engaged face-to-face.

Today’s activity: Put your face in your child’s line of sight before you talk or smile. Be animated with your voice, facial expressions and hand gestures.

Visit to see the directory of speech-language pathologists licensed in your area. If you can’t find one in the directory, contact me at and I’ll track down someone for you!